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The mission of DeKalb County Recorders Court is to provide the citizens of DeKalb County with fair and impartial justice, promote public safety, enhance public trust and confidence, and safeguard the constitutional rights of all who appear in this court. In accomplishing this mission we will provide service in a timely, efficient, courteous and fiscally responsible manner." Recorders Court was established by an amendment to the Georgia Constitution in 1945. Our jurisdiction includes all traffic misdemeanors in unincorporated DeKalb County, misdemeanor shoplifting, possession of alcohol by minor misdemeanors, misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges and all ordinance violations in unincorporated DeKalb County. Effective Monday, February 25, 2013, many of our court functions and services will be located at the Bobby Burgess Building, second floor.  Please check below to make sure you are going to the correct building.  The Burgess Building is located between Recorders Court and Magistrates Court. DeKalb County Recorders Court Service Location Guide Burgess Building: Any matter regarding past due payments on fines already imposed, but not on probation. Any matter regarding warrants issued or failures to appear. Any matter regarding notice from DDS that the defendant’s license is suspended. inquiry regarding routine procedures not related to a current case. Any request for a certified copy of a disposition on a previously adjudicated case. Any attorney request for information on any case. Any attorney filing of entries pleadings or motions. Any matter regarding bond forfeitures on criminal cases. Any matter regarding liens issued on civil code matters. Any request to see or speak with Assistant District Attorneys, but only after contact has been made with the ADA, and an appointment set by the ADA. Any request to see or speak with a Public Defender, but only after contact has been made with the PD, and an appointment has been set by the PD. Recorders Court Building: All arraignments, trials, probation revocations, hearings, motions, pleas. All inquiries on cases on the court date for that case. All payments of fines on cases adjudicated on the day of court.  Contact with Probation for criminal case probation and civil code payment plan, and for the District Attorney’s Diversion plan. Any request for proof that defendant was in court on his court date made on the day of court. Any requests for proof of dismissal or nolle prosse on the day of court. Any payments on fines prior to court. Any Standing Order payments prior to court. Any requests for interpreters prior to court.